Risk Management

Risk management has been a core competency and focus of the firm from the beginning. We have a team of professionals dedicated to risk monitoring and analysing the best way to secure your funds. Our services is risk-free from investing perspective, not only due to the use of advanced investment technologies and a powerful expert team, but also due to investment areas diversification. Financial flows separation also gives great stability to our business.

Flexible Investment Plans

Goldeneox Management Limited is a platform where the least dollars on investment is accepted, this is due to the fact that we are a platform that is goal driven and open to everyone. Our Investment plans are flexible with no hidden investment charges. They can be adapted to fit any financial budget and goal. Whatever your investment needs are, we have a plan that will suit you so well, it will feel custom-made.

Fast Payments

At Goldeneox management limited, investors capital and interest are paid within 24hrs depending on which investment plan they have chosen once the date of withdrawal is due without any delay. Investors interest are paid immediately, as stated no additional hour or day is added from the seed stage to the date of withdrawal.

Data Science

More than ever, opportunities in today’s markets lay hidden in an endless sea of data. Success depends on the ability to analyze and manage all aspects of our business – from idea generation and backtesting to performance monitoring and visualization. Data science is a core component of our platform and a source of our competitive edge.

High Return on Investments

Investors are paid high level interest rate on capitals, Goldeneox Management Limited understands the needs for investors to Receive good commissions on their investments. At Goldeneox management limited, we know investors desire not only high ROI, but they are looking for something more - a unique investing experience and this is why at GML you will find the best alternative investing opportunities. Take a chance to earn more money by building an alternative finance stream and securing your profits. With better insights into the market, we shape our investment strategy according to the current market’s volatility to way for a better Investment experience.

Secure Investments

To be a leader means making safe decisions. At Goldeneox management limited, we Generate profitable and adaptive Investment portfolios/strategies to help Investors build passive income streams and to achieve financial freedom through proper management and securement of our Investors Funds. We believed a dollar invested today will secure you tommorow, so with this aim we strived to create a secure platform where our investors funds can be invested and secured. At Goldeneox management limited (GML), we believe that through our Authenticity in Investment, It’s the cornerstone of our consistent success over the past months.

World-Class Experience

GML is an investment company built on the belief that innovative and creative solutions can deliver more value and a better experience to investors. Accessing investment should be seamless. Goldeneox management limited is an investment company for the smarter investor", combining expertise, technology and experience. At Goldeneox management limited (GML), we’re committed to making the process simple and accessible for everyone.


The company's growth is difficult to imagine without the help of numerous customers and partners. Anyone can be our partner and even earn through affiliate link. After registration each user receives a unique affiliate link which can be used for registration of new investors. Invite new clients to join our progressive company, using your referral link that can be found in your personal account. Once your clients clicks a link and signs up, he becomes your referral.

A bonus of 7% referral commission is earned once a referral makes a deposit. However for deposits made by a referral in top investment plans, a referral commission of 15% bonus is earned.

Referral commission is accrued automatically after addition of deposit. You can use this amount at your discretion - to withdraw it or use it for new deposit. To become an affiliate and start earning money, you don't even need to have your own active deposit. However, we remind you that the best evidence of successful investing is always a personal experience.

Our Team


Alexander Bouchard

Chief Executive Officer

Katie Knight

Group Financial Controller

Declan Taylor


Nora Kühn

Head of Corporate Finance and Advisory